Seven Emirates- HR Consultancy Abu Dhabi

Seven Emirates HR Consultancy is a reputed provider of Quality Manpower Services established in year 2009 at Abu Dhabi. As Manpower Consultant we offer the entire spectrum of personnel requirement from unskilled to skilled laborers in every trade.
Since establishment we have set ourselves apart from other Agencies not just with the quality of our manpower but also by the effectiveness of our Global Network of the Associate Offices, who all have expert local skills.

Our fully equipped premises are located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our well planned office structure managed by qualified and committed staffs that enable us to accurately identify your needs, formulate a course of action and achieves the desired results that your organization requires.
Correct guidance and consultancy in the placement of manpower is critical for the longevity & profitability of every company, no matter where that Company is located. With many years of experience in placing staffs into overseas and local locations, SEVEN EMIRATES HR CONSULTANCY is the logical partner in placing people into business.


Seven Emirates HR Consultancy is a firm of Professional Management & Commercial Consultants specializing in Manpower Consultancy. By virtue of the vast experience that our staffs possess in the field of Human Resources we consult manpower from our International Agents in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Philippineand Bangladesh. We are well positioned to provide you with the perfect solutions for all your Manpower requirements.
The various steps for the manpower assessment and recruitment:

  • Advertise in the all media
  • CV evaluation from our job bank
  • Shortlist suitable candidates according to the job descriptions provided by our clients.
  • Interview and screen the candidates
  • Trade test for selected candidates
  • Short listed candidates are forwarded for our Clients approval
  • Final Interviews
  • Verification of Certificates and documents
  • Reference check and background investigations
  • Travel arrangements
  • Job location specification
  • Job responsibility specification
  • Training program conducted if required
  • In addition to meet the core Labor requirements we also provide consultants who can work with the specifications with Human Resource functions to bring the company to appropriate levels of improvement.

We conduct:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Manning Analysis
  • Organizational Rightsizing
  • Corporate Surveys of Staff
  • Performance Assessments
  • Training
  • Layering
  • Staff Communication
  • Etiquettes


  • Link
  • Al Jamaeya Well Drilling Company
  • Security Guard
  • Next Cleaning Company
  • Welcome Catering
  • Crystal
  • Al Sahel


Seven Emirates- HR Consultancy Abu Dhabi Services


We have successfully provided Manpower solutions for the following industries and in this process we have accumulated vast experience, in depth knowledge and developed service capabilities. Our extensive network enables us to provide you with the manpower from a wide range of countries and to meet all your requirements. We have provided manpower to the below mentioned Sectors:

  • Construction
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Hospitality
  • Service Industries
  • Facility Management
  • Banks

Malls In our selection process we maintain maximum precaution and we have different Hotel Hospitality Manager, Accounts and Administrative Masters in the selection team. We arrange entire interview process for the client in case the Clients wishes to interview the workers by themselves.