Crystal Cleaning Services

Crystal General Services was established in the Year 2007 at Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Since then we have been marching forward to achieve the goal of ultimate success in the field of Facility Service providers.

We are steadily increasing our business which is only FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE & OF THE PEOPLE. Our ultimate mission is to obtain target of high Quality Standard set by the International Standardized Organization. We are the Service providers for most Government as well as Non- Government Sectors.

Our Head Office is located in Abu Dhabi and a Branch Office in Dubai to offer a complete range of cleaning services to all the Regions in the Emirates. Our services includes providing a complete team to clean the external glasses of high rise buildings and Aircrafts and also we are the service providers for general cleaning in various Malls, Shopping marts, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels and many Corporate Multinational Companies. On the other hand, under our General Services license we are qualified to handle contracts of different categories of labours for the general requirements other than the cleaning services.

Crystal General Services brings together professionals who understand the various facts of the Facility Services and the related fields that contribute to people’s value and prudent use. We have certified and designated professional appraisers, Facility counselors and a registered Training & Quality Controllers. We perform our services according to the estimation of the work. A principal directs each assignment and the team executes the same. In addition, group discussions are held to ensure a complete and balanced program of procedures, reasoning, data requirements and analysis.

Facility Services transactions and investment decisions are most successful when they are based on objective counsel. The professionals at Crystal General Services bring the wide and most balanced experience in the market analysis to each assignment. We apply trained and innovative thinking regarding market research that benefits our valuable Clients in order to use the most modern methods and ideas to implement the same.

Crystal General Services is also successful in attaining and maintaining the management standards attained, i.e. ISO 9001:2008 QMS; ISO 14001:2004 EMS & OHSAS 18001:2007 for Business Operation, process documentation and manuals to develop practical solution to our business in a timely manner.


  • Creating an outstanding value for the customers and other stockholders.
  • Providing the best service and commitment to all the clients.
  • Developing a great company with lot of potential.
  • To enable all our staffs to become more creative, innovative and dedicated.
  • To do all the jobs in a most efficient and productive way.
  • Creating an overall good business relationship with our esteemed Clients.
  • To obtain the target of high Quality Standard set by the International Standard Organization.
  • To co-ordinate and maintain a good communication with all the Clients.
  • Enhancing a constant affinity with all our workers and also dealing in a subservient way with them.


  • To provide top quality services and maximize Clients.
  • To conduct our business according to the highest level of ethics.
  • To maintain a management culture that is action oriented, always flexible and never bureaucratic.
  • To ensure that our clients get the best value, quality and satisfaction from our services.
  • Our client’s happiness is our genuine concern.
  • Adding breadth and depth in our existing knowledge and experience.
  • We are competent, creative, and concerned for our clients and we have the right kind of people doing the right kind of job.
  • The firm enjoys the challenge of unusual Facility assignments where the data and body of knowledge are broad and well defined.



ISO 9001:2008 QMS, ISO 14001:2004 EMS, OHSAS 18001:2007 OHSAS
Crystal General Services is on the verge of taking management standards on higher level as per International Standard Organization. Quality Management system (QMS) is a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution (production/development/service) in the core business area of an organization. (i.e. areas that can impact the organization’s ability to meet customer requirements.) ISO 9001:2008 is an example of a Quality Management System. Mentioned below herewith are some benefits for taking this Certification.

  • Through ISO Certification; we are able to do business as per the ever-changing levels of competition, Client expectation and market value.
    We ensure to utilize the resources & implement the improved strategies successfully. An assignment begins with an assessment of people, processes, performance and strategies.
  • Cost reduction through decrease of non- conforming product.
  • Improve utilization of time, Human resources and materials through planning process.
  • Consistent and punctual delivery of products to the customer through use of documented process.
  • This ISO Certification would help us to achieve an effective and customized Management Systems.
  • An improved awareness of company objectives.
  • Responsibilities and authorities clearly defined.
  • The benefits of using a recognized logo on marketing materials.
  • An improved corporate quality image.
  • A reduced number of customer audits.
  • An improved record management system in case of litigation.
  • Internally, the organization will profit from increased job satisfaction, improved morale and operational results (reduced scrap and increased efficiency).
  • Meeting a legal and regulatory requirement which benefits the community.


  • Crystal General Services is highly equipped with all the modern machineries, generally used for different cleaning purposes.
    Below are the lists of machineries owned by Crystal General Services:
  • Side swings scrubbing and buffing
  • Wet water pick ups
  • High Pressure pumps
  • Ride on Sweeper
  • Ride on Scrubber
  • Walk behind Scrubbe
  • Vacuum Cleaner etc.

Besides all the above mentioned machineries, Crystal General Services have all the accessories for the High rise building cleaning, Aircraft external cleaning and fumigation. We provide Cleaning Service & Machinery to the Clients as per their requirement. We understand and effectively manage the Facility Service risk factors too. Therefore we evaluate the role of due diligence for the machinery Insurance. We have the depreciated value for all our machineries. The liabilities for all the machineries are under Crystal General Services.

Crystal General Services Abu Dhabi


We have a trained «high rise» building glass cleaning team, under the strict supervision of a health and Safety trained supervisor. Furthermore, our workers are provided with a full coverage of insurance under workmen compensation & Accident Insurance.


We have highly polished and trained cleaners for the general cleaning at different shopping malls, Hospitals, Corporate offices & Industries. The cleaners are well mannered and particular about the job specifications allocated to them.


We have trained and experienced team for initial cleaning/ pest-control along with a specially equipped machine and environmental friendly chemicals.


Crystal General Services is providing over 400 office boys to different Government establishments, Private sectors, Banks etc. Our office boys are highly trained and motivated and well groomed and well spoken. They are well aware of the service tender and the preparation of hot and cold beverages, serving etiquettes etc. Moreover they have knowledge of messenger services within the premises, handling the photocopy machines and fax machines.